My name is Luke Hammond and I'm a Digital Project Manager
I have 8+ years experience working in the digital industry
I have experience in both design & development
I'm 25 and I live and work in London/South East, UK
... I'm in a hot air balloon?

Management Experience

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3 Years Digital Project Manager

After 6 years working on the studio floor dealing with clients on a daily basis, I naturally progressed into project management.

Day to day activities consist of working closely with the operations manager to plan and deliver multiple digital projects on time, within budget and to the highest possible quality.

Planning involves writing specifcation documentation, wireframe prototypes, producing an overall sitemap, gathering estimates from the design and development teams based on client requirements and producing timelines based on those estimates.

The role demands a methodical and logical process of working with excellent communication skills in order to set and manage clients expectations accordingly.

Studio Experience

Developer Experience - Hard Hat

3 years - Web Developer

I was originally commissioned as an agency based junior web developer to work on an in house CMS solution using technologies such as ASP/SQL, Javascript, Ajax, XSL, PHP/MySQL. I quickly progressed into a middle-weight developer where I worked on e-commerce solutions for a variety of different clients.

Design Experience - Easel

3 years - Web Designer

I honed my Photoshop and Illustrator skills in my spare time and soon found I enjoyed doing this more than development. I worked on a number of design projects, along the way I became proficient in XHTML/CSS standards compliant web slicing. I also worked on a number of email communications with intricate design requirements.



I've always had an interest in photography since owning my first Fuji Finepix bridge camera. Around 6 months ago I finally reached out and purchased a consumer grade DSLR and I've been experimenting with different lighting techniques and even write my own photography blog reviewing equipment aswell as writing up tutorials about techniques that I've learned or progressing.

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